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Interfaith Forum Greenville

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Building Bridges of Understanding…
…By Fostering Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation
Building Bridges of Understanding…
…By Working Together for the Creation of an Inclusive Community in the Upstate of South Carolina

The purpose of Interfaith Forum is to build understanding, respect and cooperation among the various religious denominations and faith groups in our community, our region, our nation, and our world.

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IFG Community Fellowship (previously known as Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogues)

Spring IFG Community Fellowship (previously known as Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogues)
Thursday, April 16, 2020 (sign-up by April 2, 2020) Canceled due to COVID-19
6:30-9:00 PM

Interfaith Forum Greenville invites you to participate in our Community Fellowship Dinner on April 16th from 6:30-9:00.  Each bi-annual gathering brings people of different faith traditions, philosophies, and spiritual perspectives together to share thoughts and beliefs as to how our various practices inspire us to live consciously and love one another in this world. There is no cost. A simple meal is provided, and each table of 8-10 has a trained moderator.  Our IFG Community Fellowship Dinner experience is intentionally designed to strengthen our connection to one another by the simple and generous act of listening to one another in a hospitable atmosphere.  Please join us for an evening in a community where everyone and every perspective is welcomed at the table.  Please sign-up by April 2. The location of each table varies.  You will be contacted by your host(s) a week before the dinner. If you have any questions, contact Victoria Chance or Cathy Jaggars.  Register here.

Interfaith Dialogue & Understanding

Through educational programs, dialogue, and interfaith worship services, Interfaith Forum provides opportunities for learning more about Greenville’s religious diversity.

Mutual Supportiveness

Through the sharing of ministry, service, and fellowship opportunities in each of our respective faith communities, Interfaith Forum works to encourage its members and to support one another.

Interfaith Forum does not proselytize nor do we wish to convert anyone to any faith tradition. Neither are we seeking to create a melting-pot religion that denies or glosses over our differences. If you are a Baptist or a Buddhist, a Pentecostal or a Presbyterian, a Jew or a Jesuit, a Muslim or a Mormon, we invite you to continue to practice YOUR faith in all of its particular-ness. Our purpose is to educate about religions and faith communities that may be new to you. Our purpose is to encourage not just tolerance, but understanding and respect. Our purpose is to create a vibrant religious community that engages in civil discourse throughout our city, the Upstate, our country, and our world.

Interfaith Forum is affiliated with the United Religions Initiative, the United Way of Greenville County’s Faith-based Roundtable, the International Center of the Upstate, Greenville Forward’s Committee for Inclusiveness, and South Carolina Interfaith.

Interfaith Forum invites you to bring the strengths and blessings of your faith tradition or denomination to our interfaith effort to build religious understanding and cooperation. We hope that your house of worship and its leadership will become members of Interfaith Forum.

Interfaith Forum encourages all individuals, businesses, and community organizations that embrace the Interfaith Forum’s mission and vision to join our efforts. Your support is essential in building bridges of understanding within our diverse community.

Interfaith Forum is a 501C3 organization.