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Interfaith Forum Greenville

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Since its founding in 1999, Interfaith Forum Greenville (IFG) has cultivated interfaith respect, cooperation and harmony in the greater Greenville area through a variety of means. Our programs such as Community Fellowship Dinners (formerly known as Dinner Dialogues), Many Faiths, Many Books and the Tour of Faiths have been well received among the diverse members of our multi-faith community.

Over those 21 years, we have delighted in seeing numerous other programs and organizations emerge and gain ground in contributing to interfaith awareness and appreciation. While IFG cannot claim to have had direct responsibility for giving birth to these newer efforts, we believe our work has helped pave the way for their acceptance and success in our community.

Every non-profit must build its plans through a clear-eyed evaluation not based on sentiment and loyalty, but on the metrics. This spring, the Board of Directors of IFG undertook that evaluation which made it evident we had to consider a new direction for the organization.  The best option we felt was to dissolve the organization and allow its funds, followers, and board members to continue their efforts on behalf of interfaith work through other non-profits in our area. 

Interfaith Forum Greenville was officially declared dissolved as of May 31, 2020.  Thank you for your continuing support and commitment to the values and mission of Interfaith Forum Greenville. We believe our community and our world is a better place as a result of the part that you and IFG have played. We encourage you to continue your work and advocacy on behalf of interfaith respect and cooperation in ways both personal and organizational. May interfaith peace continue to prevail in Greenville.


Members of the Board of Directors
Interfaith Forum Greenville